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Shame on Kollam Diocese!Priests committing adultery!! March 6, 2010

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The Kollam Bishop Stanley Roman is steering the Kollam Diocese to great shame! It is not a surprise now at Kollam to hear that Priests are caught red handed when they involve in adultery! The latest being the Parish Priest of Clapppana. Local youths had caught the Priest from a house with a young lady at midnight. The Priest was given a ceremonial exit from the locality. He was later admitted at Benziger Hospital, Kollam and treated by the Bishop. The lady got missing and a Case was registered at Oachira Police Station. Later it was learnt that the Priest is also missing. Poor Bishop failed to impose the Canon Laws and Canonic punishments. We had pointed out earlier that Canonic punishments are reserved by him for porr laymen who fight for justice!

Now the Priest and the lady has turned up at Oachira Police Station. They submitted that they are married. Enquiries revealed that they have given notice for marriage under the Special Marriage Act at Ezhukone Sub Registry. The Priest do not want a Christian ritual marriage! These type of Priests are ruling the roost at Kollam Diocese. There are other Priests like Ajayan, Jose etc who have led such revolutions in Kollam Diocese. Several others are waiting for their turn! Anyway the citizens of Kollam have lost respect to the Priests of our Diocese, thanks to our Bishop!

We will wait and see the Canonic rule of Kollam Bishop. A startling revelation about this Bishop is on the anvil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the Pope will interfere soon!

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1. Let me name be K.K - March 7, 2010

Our present Bishop, who was an ordinary parish priest b4 was lifted up soon as the Bishop of Quilon……..!!!
Its the fate of kollam Diocese to be without any improvements under the leadership of Stanley Roman.
Soon as he took charge as bishop, he pulled down all tallented and influencial priests who was much more able and capable than stanley roman….he did that b,coz his name should sound first than anybody….!!

So under his crooked brain, he removed all qualified members from the leading institutions of our diocese and posted who were totally uncapable and those who strictly obey his commands…he needed trained dogs..not to ask anything back…but to obey what he says…..!!

Under his leadership our Diocese went tremendously down..what achievements have kollam obtained during these past 10 years..??
He is there in Bishops house taking good foods (costly fish and meat), looking after his health, and travelling on luxorious cars…..!!

How come the people make these persons a model to their lives…??He is spending all money of we believers on luxorious cars nd food…!!

He should be expelled out…its high time 4 we followers to react on this…..If he again guides us…sure kollam Diocese will be in black era soon…..!!

Zeeno J netto - April 7, 2010

Yes, it is shameful to know such things from the divine ministry of priests, who are supposed to be the precious and pure people to guide the followers and believers. The recent incidents on this kind of adultery and human interest by the priests are increasing comparing to the previous history. I could remember that the days of BISHOP JEROME who was relally a divine person at his capacity and did many good things to the people of Kollam to guide and lead good life by experiencing the love, kindness and the sacrifices of the word of GOD. His divine apperance and presence itself will give us the feeling and spiritual touch in the herats. Amazingly the work, his pleasing preachings, guidelines , equalities to all of his people was un forgettable and that was never followed by the latest bishops who are being selected to serve for the goodness of the DIOCESE and the improvement of the spiritual ministry and for the well being of the peoples.

Sadly say the system of the PRIESTS are limited currently based on the SELF improvement of themselves and to their families and relatives only. They do not care others who are eligible for the JOB’s and the positions as the status is very much crystal clear that the DOICESES is being allocated with the parties who are liked and impressed by the POWER holders.

The poor and needy are really suffering from the situation, as if you go for any help to the BISHOP you will have to show or presenst some healthy source or relations to get it. Else you will be turned down and asked to go here and there to get the results. There are several educated pupils and job seekers are still awaiting for the replies from the source, but that will never happen at any cost.

The divinity and the purity along with the TRUST that has been gained from the teachings, trainings, and spiritual compassions from the SEMINARIES are being wasted, once the person is become PRIEST and they see the models charector and adopting the same to their activities and life. This way the new generation of the SPRITUAL priesthood is being ruined by themselves and the community and socities that depending on the big speeches and show ups of the priests are also in danger.

The sexual interest leads them to commit secret adultery and connections as there is no right person to control them and being given all the facilities to the priests and nus. many stories are being heard about such incidents in the convents and the priest houses as they have so much freedom available to do anything they like.

The GOLDEN days have passed over as those days we cannot see any NUN or PRIEST travel alone or at night time. Also now a days you can see many of them are having CARS, BIKES & luxurious circumstances to enjoy life, I even heard that som are alos alcoholic. The day will come to have an end on this. If you are a BELIEVER all will see this. As GOD sees everything and he will come again to JUDGE the living & dead.

His wisdom and kindness and the judgement will be seen soon, that who misused his power, holiness and TRUST have to be answered and pesrished.

Let us pray for the PRIEST as there are no of good ones really wanted to do good. They will always suffer and will be silent to all they sees. But the Christianity should be improved by LOVING each other and helping each other by doing good things and by serving for good. Lets make voices and concerns on thease issues to the society to act soon to stop the EVILS.

Allelluia God BLESS ALL.

George - May 23, 2010

What non-sense ?? . Is not the price of Fish & meat the same all over kollam. what do you mean by costly fish & meat…..Prove it if you really mean it. or else its utter rubbish…. .
Also luxurious cars, the old model of Skoda or the new Toyota Innova is no more a luxurious car…. . then what do you call any model of BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES or WOLKSWAGEN. PLS enquire about cars what Bishops of other dioceses use, and compare it to the car what our Bishop use, then you will come to understand as to what rubbish you have written.

Bishop Stanley Roman is indeed a role model to all diocesans.Pls do not mislead the people.

2. munees - July 29, 2010

Such priests are thriving elsewhere and must be identified and punised to prevent them polluting the religion furher.

3. lal - August 4, 2010

to be fair……… lets keep aside the food and the cars……… according to me Bishop stanley roman is a total failure. what he has done to the diocese………. there is no major contribution from his part………..

4. Tom - September 11, 2010

Sad to hear about the plight of Quilon Diocese. The current Bishop of Quilon, the priests, nuns and the lay people should educate themselves how to respect others. The university degrees are not enough for a preist or Bishop tgo serve the faitful. They shold have many good values that will attract the faithful. This way the institutions in the diocese will be improved. I dont’ understand why many lay people and unus are entrusted with certain important positions in the Bishop’s House, Schools and the college.

Be like holy Bishop Jerome. He was holy, sprititual invardly and outwordly. He was genuine, gentle at the same time assertive.

God bless everyone
Tom from Quilon

5. guest - March 9, 2011

It is reliably learne that Bishop Stanly roman is wandoring for a luxorius flat in Delhi.

6. guest - March 9, 2011

It is reliably learned that Bishop Stanly roman is wandoring for a luxorius flat in Delhi.

7. JENIFAR - August 4, 2011

Dont make any dicision with out knowing that is right or wrong. This is not a good way for getting popularaised. please respect your priests and your religion

8. lalson varghese - November 24, 2011

nothing substantial has been done under the leadership of Rev stanley roman………………. he is an utter failure, thats sure………….. about the cars and food……. that is indeed a third rate comment from any ones side , those should be avoided

9. Joy Furalle - December 23, 2011

I live in the United States in the Diocese of Cleveland and I have to laugh at all these comments. It seems that nobody anywhere in the world is happy with their Bishop and nobody anywhere in the world is happy with their political leaders and we want to blame “them” for virtually everything.

Our Lord uses our leaders and our Lord uses us for His Glory. It is so easy to criticize and tear down, may we sweep our own doorsteps so that the same criticism will not be levelled against us! It is said that if we do not see good we do not see God as God made everything good and his human creatures he made “very good”. May God give us vision to see as He sees and not as our poor, sinful selves see things.

osama@obama - April 9, 2012


May the good lord bless all

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