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Our Representation to His Holiness the Pope November 22, 2009

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We, the undersigned are members of Pullichira Parish of Kollam Diocese. We submit this humble Representation for a favourable consideration and necessary action. The Parish members had already submitted Representations to the Diocesan authorities for a just and viable decision to the grievances raised by them.

It is very unfortunate that we are compelled to raise complaints against our Parish Priest, Fr Lazar Pattakadavu. The Parish Priest is administering the Church and its assets according to his own whims and fancies. The Annual Accounts are not audited or published in accordance with the provisions of the Byelaws. The Parish members are not informed about the proposed development activities mooted by the Parish Priest. The funds of the Church are being spent without proper sanction. It is estimated that lakhs of rupees are swindled on various heads of accounts.

The Parish Priest constructed a 2nd Floor to the existing Parsonage during 2006 without the consent, sanction or knowledge of the Parish members. In fact this additional construction can be termed only as an unwanted luxury. It is not known as to why such additional rooms are constructed when it is supposed to house only the Parish Priest who is single. The amount spent for the additional construction is a myth even after many years of completion of the construction.

The Parish Priest had publicly stated in the meeting of Ajapalana Samithy that the Bishop of Kollam had approved the proposal for construction of Pallithodi Road at Rs.12,00,000/- (Rupees Twelve Lakh). The Parish members are still in the dark as to the Estimate of the said Project and the actual amount spent for the same.

The Contracts for the constructions are given to the close associates of the Parish Priest and the Parish members have reasonable doubts regarding the actual amount spent in the name of such constructions. It is reliably learnt that the Contracts are given at higher rates than the existing ones.

The Parish members are kept in the dark regarding the quantity of Gold auctioned by the Priest. The statement of accounts is not published. The Parish members are unaware as to the quantity of Gold remaining in the custody of the Parish Priest.

The Ajapalana Samithy has turned inactive due to the bad influence of the Parish Priest. Members are not elected democratically. The administration of the assets of the Church is conducted in a dictatorial manner.

During April 2009, during night hours, the Parish Priest arranged a JCB and demolished 6 Toilets, a Septic Tank, and removed 10 Coconut trees and a Jack Fruit Tree which situated on the Parish property. These are done without the knowledge and consent of the Ajapalana Samithy. The Bishop of Kollam was also not informed and consent was not obtained. A group of goondas were also deputed during the said operation and it is reliably learnt that Rs.5000/- was spent from the Parish funds to provide liquor for them.

During May 2009, a Study Tour was conducted for Altar Boys and other children of the Parish. The Parish Priest accompanied the Tour and took along with him a group of goondas. These persons got drunk inside the Vehicle causing much disturbance to the children. This incident is to be seen with utmost seriousness as such behaviour is not at all expected from the part of a Priest. This incident was reported to the Vicar General by the Parish members.

Now, it is reliably learnt that the Parish Priest is trying to embezzle Parish Funds in the name of developmental activities. These developmental activities are being proposed only with the aim of embezzling funds. If the Parish Priest was sincere in his activities, he ought to have given much attention to other dire needs of the Parish, such as:

a)      Leakage of the Church;

b)      The damages in the Road to Mathatheeram;

c)      Waste disposal of Parish Hall;

d)     Drainage System

The Parish Priest is turning a deaf ear to all these immediate necessities of the Parish, because it is not worthy to divert huge amounts from the Parish funds.

We, the undersigned members of the Pullichira Parish hereby humbly request kind intervention in the matter and necessary action may be taken against the Parish Priest.

Dated this the 12th day of June 2009



1. Harold Hubald - December 1, 2009


I would suggest to use the word Millions instead of Lakhs when the petiton is sent outside India.


Harold Hubald, Morning Star, Pullichira

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