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Parish Priest puts the blame on Kollam Bishop!!!! November 26, 2009

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Today (26-11-2009) the Thahsildar, Kollam convened a meeting of Police Officers, Government Officials,Panchayat President, Member,  Representatives of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy and the Parish Priest and his Committee members. It was convened as per direction of the District Collector. The matter of unlawful construction being made by the Parish Priest was a subject of discussion. The violation of CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) Notification and Rule 55 of KMBR (Kerala Municipal Building Rules) were brought to light by the Samithy members. It was suggested that the Dy Director of Panchayat will inspect the site on Saturday and find out the factual position. The Samithy demanded stoppage of construction work till a decision is taken by the concerned Government Officials after inspection of site. But the Parish Priest specifically stated that he cannot stop the construction as it is being done by the Bishop of Kollam. He stated that the Bishop of Kollam alone is the person who should decide to stop the construction. In other words, he means that it is the Bishop who is the person behind the alleged construction which is in violation of the law of the land. If the Government finds that the construction is unlawful, it shall be demolished. In such event the Bishop of Kollam would be personally held responsible for making such unlawful construction. The Parish Priest is too intelligent that he has washed his hands off the crime!!!!!!!!!

We still hope that the Bishop of Kollam will stop the unlawful construction until the Government Officials visit the site and take a decision on the dispute! The Bishop ought to know that the money being spent is that of the members of Pullichira Parish and not the personal assets of the Parish Priest and Bishop.

The Parish Priest cut a sorry figure during the Meeting and it was revealed in the Meeting that a staunch Left leader  had called on the Mayyanad Grama Panchayat Secretary to grant sanction to the Plan submitted by the Parish Priest. The Left leader even challenged that he will stop public activities if it is proved that there exists Rule 55 of KMBR! The Samithy has decided to take the challenge and prove that the construction is unlawful and that the Sanction granted by the Panchayat Secretary is in violation of Rule 55 of KMBR.



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