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Parish Priest dares Government! Violates Order!!!! December 6, 2009

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Today the Parish Priest of Pullichira blatantly violated the Order of Government of Kerala and continued with the unlawful construction at Pullichira. This defiance of lawful Orders, that too from a Priest is deplorable! Will the Bishop of Kollam act soon? If not, it will be proof of the fact that the Bishop of Kollam is hands in glove with the Parish Priest!

By 11am the matter of violation of Government Order by continuing with the construction was informed to the Kottiyam Police Station. The Sub Inspector of Police was informed about the matter through his Mobile Phone. Since no action was taken the complaint was reported to the Office of the Superintendent of Police, Kollam. It was later told that the Sub Inspector gave an explanation that the Kollam Thahsildar has permitted the unlawful construction! The Thahsildar, Kollam was intimated about the matter through a Telegram specifically stating that his name was misused by the Sub Inspector of Police to continue with an unlawful construction banned by the State Government.

The Parish Priest has proved beyond doubt that he has no respect to law and order as well as to statutory authorities! He has also exhibited his clout and influence over Government Officials and Police Officials!

We take this oppurtunity to remind these Officials who act/inact according to the whims and fancies of this Parish Priest about the fate of the Kollam District Registrar and Kottiyam Sub Inspector of Police.

The Deputy IG of Registration who is the superior authority of Kollam District Registrar has already passed an Order (No: IRO 6.1751/09 dated 28-10-2009) that the District Registrar had no authority or power to take any action against the PULLICHIRA EDAVAKA SAMRAKSHANA SAMITHY, as claimed by the District Registrar. He has directed the Kollam District Registrar to rectify her mistake within 30 days. We will publish the Order shortly……

The Kerala State Information Commission has passed an Order (No: CP No.957(1)/2009/SIC dated 11-11-2009) against Shri Shereef, Kottiyam Sub Inspector of Police upon the Complaint filed by PULLICHIRA EDAVAKA SAMRAKSHANA SAMITHY. He has been told to submit explanation for two offences: 1) Refusal to accept application submitted under Right to Information Act & 2) Non compliance of directives of Information Commission. The Commission has also forwarded a copy of the Order to the Superintendent of Police, Kollam for taking appropriate action in the matter and report compliance to the Commisssion. We will publish the Order shortly……

The Officers who are helping/aiding the unlawful acts of the Parish Priest have started to face the music. The Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy will fight for justice lawfully. We have faith that justice will prevail over money power and muscle power!



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