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False cases being foisted! December 12, 2009

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It is reliably learnt that false complaints are being lodged against the office bearers of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy by some stooges of the Parish Priest! The Kottiyam Sub Inspector of Police had made visits to the residence of the Secretary citing complaints received by him. On an earlier occasion, the SI had summoned all office bearers to the Kottiyam Police Station stating that he received a Complaint from the Church Committee members. This was also specifically conveyed by the Sub Inspector to our Counsel. We had submitted a Petition to the Superintendent of Police that our lawful activities are being obstructed using the Kottiyam Police by lodging such false complaints. The SP had advised us not to go to the Kottiyam Police Station and intimation was given from his Office to the Kottiyam Sub Inspector not to obstruct our lawful activities by summoning us to the Police Station.

Thereafter we had sought for a copy of the Complaint allegedly received at the Kottiyam Police Station against us. The Sub Inspector refused our request and we had complained to the Kerala State Information Commission. Upon intervention of the Commission, the Sub Inspector gave a written reply that no Written Complaint was received against us at Kottiyam Police Station. The  Commission is now proceeding against the Sub Inspector for violating provisions of the Right to Information Act!

We have ample evidence that the information supplied by the Sub Inspector is false. Or else the Sub Inspector has to admit that he made false statements to us and our Counsel that he received a written complaint. Now, Fr Lazar Pattakadavu has moved a Petition before the Honourable High Court of Kerala wherein it is specifically stated that a written complaint was lodged before Kottiyam Police against us! Who is lying? The Priest or the Sub Inspector?! We will tender evidence before the Kerala State Information Commission about this issue and request for further action.

We have filed two Complaints before the Superintendent of Police, Kollam and Director General of Police against Fr Lazar Pattakadavu. One Complaint is regarding a threat to our Secretary through telephone. We have received evidence incriminating the Priest in the said crime. We have passed it over to the concerned Police Officials. We expect action soon. Or else we will take up the matter with the Court of law.

Some of the Government Officials and Policemen are aiding the Priest without much knowledge about his illegal activities. Those aiding officials have already faced action from various authorities. We are moving each step with respect to law and the Constitution of India. We make all Complaints in writing using our Letter head. We do not believe in making fake complaints. We have faith in the rule of law. We have faith that all false cases being foisted against us can be thwarted using the legal course, and we will do so!



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