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Priest playing nasty games! December 27, 2009

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The Parish Priest seems to be not willing to get adjusted with the legal repercussions received due to his unlawful deeds! Now he has started playing nasty games which will cause shame to the Diocese! Yesterday his men dumped decayed food waste in the property adjacent to the property of our Secretary, Mr Augustin. The only intention is that the foul smell should cause annoyance to Mr Augustin and his family. It is not that the Priest does not know how to dispose decayed food waste. Even an illiterate person knows how to dispose such waste. The act is purposeful. It is an act of public nuisance. It is also an act causing health hazards due to pollution. The Priest is stooping so low that he does not deserve any respect from laymen. The terms “Rev” and “Very Rev” will be degraded if used to address this Priest!

An SMS was sent to the Mobile Phone of our Bishop of Kollam, Rev Stanley Roman, requesting to advise the Priest to remove the waste immediately. The SMS was sent at 9am on 26th December 2009. Till now (11am on 27th December) the waste is not removed. We believe that the Bishop has advised the Priest according to our request. The Priest is not even accountable to the Bishop of Kollam Diocese! His adamant stand in not removing the decayed waste will definitely attract legal proceedings against him. We are waiting for one more day! If the waste is not removed today, the nuisance committed by the Priest will be dealt with legally by submission of written Complaints to the concerned authorities. This incident proves the nature of the Priest in continuing his unlawful activities without any hindrance! The members of the Parish and Diocese of Kollam may kindly try to impose some sense upon this Priest!



1. benoy bal - December 29, 2009

Shame on you Fr.Pattakadavu. Is this your personality?
My expectations about you have stooped down.
I hope the the waste might have been removed at least now.
May God The Almighty Open Your Eyes!…(And Nose!)

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