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Samithy decides to take further legal action January 31, 2010

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The misdeeds of the Parish Priest has been revealed before the Public. But the responsible Diocesan Authorities fail to take any action in the matter! The legal proceedings initiated by the Samithy has started to deliver the intended fruits. It is almost clear that the Priest will be booked soon for all his misdeeds under the laws prevailing in India. The laymen of our Community were kept under the false premise that these Priests are above law and even above God! But now the law is catching them! Several incidents have come to light where Priests and Nuns were proved real criminals! Fr Antony Lazar of this Diocese was convicted for murder of an young lady. Until then, Fr Antony Lazar was one of the most influential person of Kollam. His money and muscle power had hushed up several of his crimes against the laymen. But the law took its turn in time and caught him red handed! The erring Priests of Kollam Diocese had learnt a lesson from the episode of Fr Antony Lazar!

Now the Kollam Diocese is being taken on a ride by the Parish Priest of Pullichira, Fr Lazar S. It might be a coincidence that the name “Lazar” is again cropping up. The Samithy had made written complaints before the Diocesan authorities. It was only when such genuine complaints fell on deaf ears that the Samithy took recourse to legal action under the laws prevailing in India. The members of the Samithy were threatened with excommunication. But we stood determined and replied to the allegations raised against us in the notice for excommunication. Our reply had opened the eyes of the concerned and it was informed that the laws of India are applicable to the Priests as well as Diocesan authorities.

Several false cases were foisted against us. Our determination to fight in legal terms spoiled the bad efforts of the Priest! The ten commandments were broken by our retractors even before Courts of law! These will be revealed in solid proof soon! They have gone to such an extent, only because of some hidden support! We have gathered some details, and the hidden supporters, who were formerly influential Priests of Kollam(!) will be brought to light soon!

The accounts of Pullichira Parish are not known to the laymen. In this era of “right to information”, the secrecy of such accounts can only be seen as a crime. We had requested the Parish Priest in writing to reveal the accounts. The request was sent  by Registered Post. Several months have passed by, and the Priest has failed to issue any reply. The accounts are not revealed till date! The Samithy has now decided to take necessary legal action! All are requested to supply us with any details which may be helpful to us in our legal efforts. Please help us in our fight against the misdeeds and corruption in Pullichira Parish.



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