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Excommunication by Vicar General! February 11, 2010

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The Vicar General of Kollam Diocese, Fr Paul Mullassery has issued “INTERDICTS” and “CENSURES” to the members of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy! The wrongs mentioned therein include the filing of Cases before the Courts of Law by the Samithy members! The Courts of Law wherein the cases are filed by the Samithy have passed Orders in favour of the Samithy and against the wrongs committed by the Parish Priest! These Orders are passed after hearing the Counsel appointed by the Priest. The Honourable High Court of Kerala too had dismissed a Petition filed by the Priest, Fr Lazar, seeking to vacate the Injunction Order passsed by Kollam Munsiff Court. When such Courts of Justice passes legal Orders against the said Priest, the Vicar General describes him as very respectable and passes interdicts and censures against the Samithy members! This is a clear case of unchristian act! The Interdict issued by the Vicar General says that even family members will not be spared!!!!! Is this a Christian act? We have decided to move legally. The Vicar General ought to be taught that Indian laws are applicable to the Priests also!!!!! We request the wholehearted support from all our well wishers….. All supports rendered will be duly acknowledged…. We are able to prove that the Vicar General has violated Christian principles and even overlooked Holy Bible when he issued the said “INTERDICTS” and “CENSURES”….



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