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Canon Law applies to poor laymen alone!!!! February 16, 2010

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The Vicar General of Kollam Latin Catholic Diocese issued INTERDICTS, CENSURES and SHOW CAUSE NOTICES to the members of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy quoting violation of the Code of Canon Law.  If Canon Law is applied, the said Vicar himself will be found as ineligible and unqualified to the post!

By his INTERDICT/CENSURE, the Vicar says that the religious rights of not only the members of the Samithy but also their family members, will be curtailed! The wrongs committed by the members of the Samithy include preferring a Complaint before His Holiness the Pope, filing of Court Cases against the Priest etc etc. It is funny that taking legal recourse is a sin/wrong under the Canon Law!!!!

We intend to refresh the memory of the Kollam Bishop with respect to a murderer Priest of Kollam Diocese. Fr Antony Lazar was convicted by the Criminal Court for murdering a young lady, Marykutty. The Appellate Courts confirmed his conviction. Dear Bishop, where had the Canonic laws gone in his case? He is still a Priest!!!!!! He still adores his place in Kollam Diocese? Why an INTERDICT is not issued to him?

The laymen of Ashtamudi Ashtajalarani Church had filed a Civil Case against the Bishop when the Holy Mass was stopped by the Bishop as a punishment to the Parish members. They staged dharnas and ralllies and even picketing the Bishop’s House! They filed a Trust Case before the District Court, Kollam as O.S No: 6/1998. The Bishop of Kollam signed a Compromise Petition with them, which was filed before the District Court, Kollam. The Holy Mass was resumed and the Bishop compromised with the Parish members and completed the entire construction of the Church using funds of the Bishop! The Bishop surrendered before the Court of Law! Why the Canonic indictment was not applied to them?

We remind the Vicar General that we wont succumb to such tactics. We will fight legally. We will abide by Christian principles. The Indian Courts and Indian Law will definitely come to our aid! It is reminded that Indian laws had put Fr Antony Lazar behind the bars! It is the Indian laws again which put Fr Thomas Kottoor, Fr Puthrikkayil and Sr Sefi behind the bars! Not Code of Canon Law!!!! In malayalam there is a saying ” Those who keep a filthy person on their head will also become filthy!



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