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Landmark Order by Kollam Principal Munsiff!!!! Kollam Bishop, Episcopal Vicar & Parish Priest restrained by Order of Injunction!!!! March 29, 2010

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The Honourable Kollam Principal Munsiff, Shri K.Kamanees today passed a Landmark Order of injunction against the Kollam Bishop, Episcopal Vicar and the Parish Priest of Pullichira from enforcing the INTERDICTS & CENSURES issued by them against the Office bearers and members of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy. The Honourable Court also restrained the Bishop and other Defendants from denying sacraments which they would otherwise be entitled for. The Order was passed after a detailed hearing of both sides. The Plaintiffs who are members of the Pullichira Parish had been served with INTERDICTS and CENSURES by the Episcopal Vicar of Kollam as they had sought legal remedies through Courts and other statutory forums against the misdeeds of the Parish Priest, Fr Lazar Pattakadavu. All the legal battles initiated by the Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy ended in verdicts against the Parish Priest. These verdicts themselves are proof of the misdeeds of the Parish Priest! The Injunction Order has been passed in the Civil Suit No: O.S 163/2010 filed by the office bearers of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy through Advocates M.I.Alexander Panicker & Boris Paul. The Kollam Bishop & Episcopal Vicar had engaged Adv George Mathews & Adv John George. The Parish Priest had engaged Adv K.Reghu Varma. The Honourable Munsiff Shri. K.Kamanees had passed the Order today after detailed hearing of both sides which continued for several days.



1. ivan457 - March 29, 2010

This is a landmark order definitely, this should also turn out as an eye-opener to the ‘lambs’. They should approach the court for all the miseries & hardships they are been subjected to by the Bishop, the priests and the parallel judiciary in the name of canon law, they are vexing and penalizing the catholics just because they are born as catholics, believers of the church and part of the christian Catholic congregation. What is the income of the catholic church? Where is all the money going into? The money collected by the church on all sundays, donations received from India & abroad, Revenue from the malls and other Educational and Medical centres which were originally built in the name of charity which are now money spinners.
They will have to answer all this very soon.

2. Antony - March 31, 2010

This is good news. No body should be punished for freedom of expression or protesting in a democratic and legal manner.

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