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Pamphlet mentioned in BRP Bhaskar’s Blog April 26, 2010

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Our Pamphlet has received attention from important personalities in the field of human rights activities. Shri BRP Bhaskar has reproduced certain portions of our Pamphlet in his Blog. We are much thankful to him. The mainstream Newspapers like Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhoomi as well as Desabhimani refused to publish the news regarding the Court Order passed against the Bishop of Kollam and others.

Blog: വായന‌
Post: കൊല്ലം മെത്രാന്റെ സഭാവിലക്ക് ഉത്തരവിനെതിരെ കോടതിവിധി
Link: http://malayalamvaayana.blogspot.com/2010/04/blog-post_25.html



1. Pullichira Mon - April 27, 2010

Hello Fellow Pullichirites.

I have been following this site ever since I got to know of it. I have also passed this to other Pullichirites around the world. I fully support your cause. I do believe time has come to get rid of the rot from the roots of the Catholic Church in Kerala. Time has come to enlist the help of foreign media such as the BBC and Aljazeera both English language TV station broadcast in Kerala with wider audiences in the Gulf Region. It is surprising to see that the Apostolic Nunciature have removed all contact details from their website – why? See link below. Time to inform the clown in Delhi and ask him what he intent to do?

If the Catholic Church in Kerala never mind in Kollam is to survive we need to clean the souls of the priesthood and sisterhood before the flock is asked to repent for their sin… that is if we do sin according to God!

Shame on Lazar Sebastian – Lucifer was not so evil!

Also found an interesting article from the Independent Newspaper from Ireland re a former nun from Kerala.



2. Pullichira Mon - April 28, 2010

Found contact details for the Pope’s rep in India:

The Apostolic Nunciature In India

The Apostolic Nuncio: Most Rev. Archbp. Pedro Lopez Quintana
Address: Apostolic Nunciature, 50 – C, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021

Telephone: 011- 6889184, 6889187
FAX: 011- 6874286
e-mail: nuntius@apostolicnunciatureindia.com

3. Pullichira Mon - April 28, 2010

VATICAN (Holy See)
Apostolic Nunciature
50-C, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110021
Telphone: +91-11-2688 9187, 2410 3148, 2410 3154
Fax: +91-11-2687 4286
E-mail: nuntius@apostolicnunciatureindia.com

Found the updated telephone number the earlier one was missing a digit.

joe Big - July 23, 2010

Dear Mr.Pullichira mon….

ARE you the GOD father’s Son of Pullichira that you started calling yourself pullichira mon??? or were you Christened in the church with this name? common man…grow up…ur no longer a kid….be a man and do fight for justice rather than covering the ass of some real f***ers whos got no job to do and keep watching their neighbours house or their women…..grow up ass hole…. u r not living in the 16 th century where the old guys dictate and u take it for granted…..and bark for them…this is way ahead of it. i will meet u n finish ur pain very soon…..be prepared…..monu from pullichira…. God bless… me ..n not u b******ds…gudnyte

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