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Series of Defamation Notices! May 2, 2010

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The Episcopal Vicar, Rev Paul Antony Mullassery, Parish Priest Fr Lazar Pattakadavu and their men have started issuing Legal Notices for Defamation against the Office bearers as well as members of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy. The various Notices have been sent through Senior Lawyers of Kollam, Adv Varinjam N.Ramachandran Nair, Adv K.Reghu Varma & Adv Philip K.Thomas. Now we have received four separate Legal Notices!

The Samithy Office bearers and members have instructed its Lawyers to issue befitting replies. The Samithy members wish to let these Priests know that they will not be cowed down by such intimidatory tactics. In fact, legal proceedings will be welcomed by the Samithy. The truth will be revealed in Courts of Law and the erring Priests will be exposed in public.

The Samithy has also initiated communication with appropriate authorities on the source of the legal expenses of these Priests. It is to be ascertained whether the Rev Stanly Roman, Bishop of Kollam has tendered written sanction to these Priests in accordance with provisions of Code of Canon Laws. It is also to be ascertained whether Church funds are being utilised for these Priest’s legal expenses.

The Samithy has already received favourable communications from the Archbishop of Thiruvananthapuram Archdiocese & from the Apostolic Nuncio at Delhi. The Samithy has acquired more acceptance among the laymen of Kollam Diocese after the publication of the Pamphlet containing the history and details of the activities of the Samithy.

The Pamphlet is published in the Page “PAMPHLET”.

Copies of the Pamphlet will be send by Post if required. Send request to:

Secretary, Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy, Eden, Pullichira P.O., Kollam – 691 304, Kerala.



1. Zeeno J.Netto - May 3, 2010

I am receiving the updates on the cases of the priests illegal activities concerned to the marale, discipline & holiness of the guiding GODS. It is shameful to know such cases of known priests as that was never expected before. I have been personally known some of the named priests since 20 years back and from my college days.It was good to deal with them those days, but the days passed over they became power seekers & money minded in all activities that they were engaged. It is not the first known casem, but from the history we can see such cases being experienced at the CHRISTIAN community. The Priests teach us to obey the WORD OF GOD and the ten commandmentes that are most important to comply with the morality and discipline of ones life. The thief is there in the ship itself, as the those who are asking and teaching us to lead a good chrtian life is being the sign boards to do the wrong things.

Hope that the truth will be reveled soon, as any one try to hide the truth will be freely opened in the wild one day. Though teh money & muscle power is being adopted to protect the lies that will never be kept out of the eye of ALMIGHTY. Truth will come out from the DARK to the LIGHT, if we believe in GOD.

He is the redeemer and he will act on the people who are the hidden culprits and cheaters against his will. So go ahead with the spirit, if there is truth, that will come on the public.

Lets Pray for our community, christianity and the brotherhood of all the people mndlessly the CASTE, CREED & COLOUR of the entire world to have a peaceful life and atmosphere by the grace of God.

Warm regards

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