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ദാസന്‍ ലാസര്‍ അന്തരിച്ചു June 14, 2010

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പുല്ലിച്ചിറ ഇടവക സംരക്ഷണ സമിതിയുടെ ട്രഷറര്‍ ആയിരുന്ന ശ്രീ ദാസന്‍ ലാസര്‍ ജൂണ്‍ 10 നു  അന്തരിച്ചു. അന്ത്യകര്‍മ്മങ്ങള്‍ ജൂണ്‍ 14 നു പുല്ലിച്ചിറ പള്ളിയില്‍ വെച്ച് നടന്നു. അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്‍റെ ആത്മാവിനു നിത്യശാന്തി നേരുന്നു.



1. johny - June 29, 2010

condolance to his family

2. Jose - March 26, 2011

Dear Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy,

Mind that you people are playing with fire. If you do not want Priests to be in your church, you can very well take an action to shut down. And it is your property. Being Catholics, mind that you are playing with the almighty. If you go through the history of the church, you could find so many malpractices among the hirearchy, for in itself they are human beings. As long as you are unfit before the God almighty, how the hell you can allegate and judge the people selected for and on behalf of the God father, the almighty. All these Priests and Bishops including Pope is the product of a family, just as you people. And God very specialldy selected them from such families, which you people are not gifted from God. When you criticise them, you are criticising the Almighty… To err is human……Take care…..

pullichira - March 26, 2011

Dear ignorant friend,
Please read the Holy Bible with sincerity and patience. Check who crucified Jesus Christ. Then you will be convinced that what you said is utter foolishness!!
Pity on you,
Adv Boris Paul

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