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Threats issued against Samithy Office bearers!!!!! July 23, 2010

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The legal proceedings initiated by the Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy has provoked some miscreants to issue threats under false names and email id’s!!!! Several attempts are being made to post comments in our Blog, using nasty language. Threats are raised even against the lives of members of the Samithy. On verification it is found that the emails are sourced from same IP and same email id with different names of Authors! This means that the person behind all these nasty comments is one who is afraid of revealing his identity! We all know the nature and sort of persons who hide their identity! Perhaps this man has no one to name as his father and mother! We declare publicly that the Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy will not be cowed down by such tactics! We pity the person….. We have put all such nasty comments into the Trash Box!!!!!!

A Sample COMMENT received by our BLOG:

Author : JOHN D (IP: ,
E-mail : john_abr1@yahoo.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
WHO THE BLOODY F**K RU MAN N GOD KNOWS WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU TALK SUCH THINGS. ARE YOU INSANE.WHO RU MAN …MANOJ?? YOU BASTARDS YOU GUYS DELETE MY BLOGS AND SAY UR GR8???/ GOT THE BALLS TO FIGHT?? LETS BE MEN.RU READY …PLEASE SHOW ME UR B**lS……YOU WENT FOR HOLY PRIESTHOOD BUT YOU RAN AWAY BECAUSE OF lust…..LUST…..and u went after holy nuns …trying to make them MUMS….MUMMY in other words….. who the hell are you man to comment or throw stones at others?? First u be a man with b***s n without any impurity or sin in u and then u comment or dare to showcase such words against others ..regarding taking the parish priest for NARCO ANALYSIS…  .first take ur father to NARCO analysis and if possible …ur mom …so that   … u can be sure that u were born to him or…….. ur a ……born ..b……d???  TELL the creators of this site to be ready for a WAR…….



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