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Fr Lazar Pattakadavu facing Prosecution! November 30, 2010

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Fr Lazar Pattakadavu, the erstwhile Parish Priest of Pullichira Parish is facing Prosecution proceedings for violation of the Order of Kollam Munsiff’s Court. The Secretary of Pullichira Edavaka Samrakshana Samithy had preferred a Petition for prosecuting the Priest and evidence was given before the Honourable Munsiff’s Court. Now the case is posted for the examination of Fr Lazar Pattakadavu on 3rd December 2010.



1. jose - July 29, 2011

Pope, Bishops,Priests and sisters are one among us came out from families as we are.

Your samrakshana samithy denotes that your edvaka requires ‘samrakshanam’. Edvaka or Parish is the mass constituting that. That means each and every people in your parish have some genetic problems that differentiate you people from other thousands of Parish and parishioners functioning throughout India smooth and peaceful. Dear reformers, mind that you are playing with fire.

I am quite confident that non of you in your samithy and its supporters know what is holy bible and Catholicity. Some 40 years back Pullichira was a place of poor catholic denomination, and God gifted you somewhat richness from the Arabian Penninsula. When people from poverty ressurect, they feel they are clever, genius and so many devilish thinking. (recognise that there are many Christian denominations in Kerala, holding abundant heriditary wealth, but never disply they are clever and intelligent.) To be Catholic by birth does’nt make one a catholic or follower of Christ. If ever you think atleast one among you are perfect, I will say all you people are mad.

Only thing I want to say is, please do not play with clergy, for they are selected by GOD for his missions in this world. It is none of you selected them as a Priest, Bishop or Pope. It is the will of God that they became a Priest or the like. The one who selected will punish him or her, if they commit adultry or get involved in any fraudlent practices. Don’t ordinate yourself as JUDGES and SUPREME COUNCIL, which itself denote your poverty in common sense and knowledge.

Please leave alone our Priests and other clergys. Do not try to throw stones upon them, just like israeli idiots wanted to prosecute a prostitute, while they all were not free from that sin.

For your information, I am just as you people only; a catholic; with no that much foliganism that you keep in mind. (a blind to get sight is too hardsome… I know… but that too can happen)

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