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Kollam Bishop refuses to accept Registered Letters sent by Samithy – Representation submitted to Archbishop, Thiruvananthapuram November 25, 2011

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Pullichira P.O., Kollam – 691 304

(Reg No: Q 308/2009)


Ref No: PESS/  0015 /2011                                                                      Date: 25-11-2011



Rt Rev Soosai Pakiam,

Arch Bishop,



Ref:     Letter No: 2010/177 dated 23-04-2010 issued to me by the Reverend

                        Archbishop of Trivandrum.


Respectful Arch Bishop,

We had earlier submitted before your goodself about the unchristian activities being conducted at Kollam Diocese by certain Priests at the behest of Kollam Bishop. Your goodself had issued a reply referred above stating that the matter will be discussed with the Bishop of Kollam.

Recently the Bishop is more infuriated as the Kollam District Court had allowed our Petition after detailed hearing, granting us leave to institute a Scheme Suit with respect to administration of church assets.

Our President, Mr Selastin Dismas was to conduct the Pullichira Church Feast of 2012 which was earmarked for him 38 years back. Now the Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception Church, Pullichira has publicly announced in the Sunday Mass that Mr Selastin Dismas will not be allowed to conduct the feast and he has called for other applicants. This is purely an unchristian act as well as contempt of court. We all are bound by the laws enacted inIndia, but the Priests of Kollam behave as if they are above all laws, and that they are not bound by Christian principles. This sort of behaviour is made by them against persons who are not rioting against injustice but only approaching courts of law for justice.

The present Bishop of Kollam, Rev Stanley Roman is in the habit of refusing to accept representations submitted by us through Registered Post. Now several Postal articles have been returned to us with postal endorsement “REFUSED”. Is this a christian act?! Can a christian Bishop refuse to hear the pleas of Christians? We are surprised by this behaviour. We made enquiries through Postal authorities to check whether this refusal is a mistake committed by the Postman. It has been revealed that the Bishop is personally refusing to accept letters issued by us!

The Bishop of Kollam is unaware of the legal implications of “refusing” a Registered Letter. In legal proceedings such “refusal” amounts to acceptance. We are bringing to your notice about the unchristian attitude of the Bishop of Kollam which is worsening the disputes. We are adhering to the laws of the land and are not resorting to such illegal methods as is being adopted by the Bishop of Kollam.

We place this representation before your goodself expecting that the matter may be seriously considered and the Bishop of Kollam may be properly advised on christian principles and attitude.

Awaiting a favourable response.

Yours most sincerely,





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