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We have already made voluntary donations to persons needing medical aid…

We have taken steps for initiating the Governmental authorities for development of Pullichira….

Several legal proceedings were initiated against the erring Parish Priest.

The Petitions filed before the Government of Kerala resulted in a Government Order banning the unlawful constructions by the Parish Priest of Pullichira.

Since the Priest defied the Government Order, we moved the Kollam Munsiff’s Court and obtained an order of Injunction against the Priest’s unlawful construction.

We faced INTERDICTS, CENSURES & SHOW CAUSE NOTICES from the Episcopal Vicar, Fr Paul Mullassery. We challenged these illegal Orders before the Munsiff’s Court, Kollam by filing a Civil Suit. A landmark Order was delivered by the Court against the Kollam Bishop, Episcopal Vicar and the Parish Priest.

Our Appeal before the Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions was allowed by quashing the Building Permit issued to the Parish Priest by the Mayyanad Grama Panchayat.

We intend to file a Suit before the District Court, Kollam with respect to framing of a Scheme for the administration of Church assets.



1. manoj - December 17, 2009

Take this priest to narco analysis and show to public that the narco analysis of Sr Stefi and the other priest involved in Sr Abhaya case is nothing compared to this man

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