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1. Let me name be K.K - March 7, 2010

Our present Bishop, who was an ordinary parish priest b4 was lifted up soon as the Bishop of Quilon……..!!!
Its the fate of kollam Diocese to be without any improvements under the leadership of Stanley Roman.
Soon as he took charge as bishop, he pulled down all tallented and influencial priests who was much more able and capable than stanley roman….he did that b,coz his name should sound first than anybody….!!

So under his crooked brain, he removed all qualified members from the leading institutions of our diocese and posted who were totally uncapable and those who strictly obey his commands…he needed trained dogs..not to ask anything back…but to obey what he says…..!!

Under his leadership our Diocese went tremendously down..what achievements have kollam obtained during these past 10 years..??
He is there in Bishops house taking good foods (costly fish and meat), looking after his health, and travelling on luxorious cars…..!!

How come the people make these persons a model to their lives…??He is spending all money of we believers on luxorious cars nd food…!!

He should be expelled out…its high time 4 we followers to react on this…..If he again guides us…sure kollam Diocese will be in black era soon…..!!

joseph - August 8, 2012

Priests should be married as in the early catholic church. As St.Paul Said Bishop should be husband of a single wife. Celibacy came in church much later. No bible or theology is supportive of celibacy. It is even against natural law. Once priests and bishops are married most of the evil nature
we see in them will disappear. So leave at that till Pope allows them to marry. Till then we will see all these.

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